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About Us

The Berwickshire Marine Reserve was established on the 18th of August 1984 and was set up by local stakeholders and relevant organisations to help manage and conserve the marine environment. The BMR was one of the first voluntary marine reserves in the UK and remains the only Voluntary Marine Reserve in Scotland. The BMR is located between the historic fishing towns of Eyemouth & St. Abbs, the reserve encompasses 8km of the Berwickshire coastline and covers a marine area of 10.3km2.

The rich biodiversity of both flora and fauna, coupled with excellent underwater visibility attracts many SCUBA divers to the area and supports a thriving commercial crab and lobster fishery. The BMR has some of the best examples of habitats associated with sea caves, rocky reefs and arches, on the east coast. These features are included in the European Habitats Directive, which has resulted in the BMR being included in the Berwickshire & North Northumberland European Marine Site.

The BMR is also home to several species of note such as the Arctic Wolf Fish, additional cold water species at their southerly extent include the hydroid Thuiaria thuja and the red algae Odonothalia dentata. The Devonshire cup coral is a southern warm water species, which is uncommon on the east coast, but is present within the BMR.

Our Team

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Marine Ranger / Blue Marine Foundation Research Officer

Joe Richards


Marine Ranger

Lyle Boyle



Voluntary Marine Reserve,
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Scottish Registered Charity: SC018593